• Art Collective IVAAIU City, held exhibition'LET THERE BE LIGHT'

    Art Collective IVAAIU City, held exhibition'LET THERE BE LIGHT'

    2021 / 09 / 27 / 230 view

    "Works that capture the'light' of the city"

    <Let there be light>

    Reminiscent of a prism. It is because it classifies the light flowing through the countless concretes in the city, the fragmented but still retaining light, the sounds we make together, and the various moments of life in beautiful and vivid colors in their own way. In doing so, our space is filled with music, not noise, and light becomes our unique language.

    The new exhibition of the artist collective "yieyi IU City (hereinafter IVAAIU City) v kids' are held. IVAAIU City, a name created by concatenating words meaning'Idea','Visual','Audio','Architecture','Infrastructure', and'Urbanism', gathers artists from various genres such as architecture, music, and video. It is a group that creates works containing reflections on the city, and is active in Seoul and Tokyo.

    This exhibition <LET THERE BE LIGHT> was created for the purpose of delivering a new'light' to people. The exhibition, which expresses the light flowing from the city, the fragmented light of nature, and various life moments like a single prism, will be held at the Everyday Monday Gallery from February 5th to March 28th.


  • Mischief's new collection'Margot', inspired by the Korean mythology, Seshin

    Mischief's new collection'Margot', inspired by the Korean mythology, Seshin

    2021 / 09 / 27 / 233 view

    Full of oriental beauty.

    In'MAGO', a music video released by Miss Chief on March 8th in time for'World Women's Day,''Mago', a clothing collection worn by Lim Kim, will be released. The collection uses oriental elements derived from the image of “Mago,” the founder of Korean mythology, in various places. In the suit set-up, the graphic of Nan, one of the ‘Sagunja’, was drawn, and details inspired by traditional Korean knots were applied to the top and dress. Stadium jumpers, sling bags, bucket hats, etc. are made of organza, and Mischief's iconic logo T-shirts and evening bags are included in the collection. Items from the'Margo' collection will be sold sequentially on the Miss Chief website from March 23rd.

    Along with this, the'MAGO' graphic T-shirt was released, reinterpreting the image of'Margo' by graphic designer Kang Moon-sik. All proceeds from the sale of this T-shirt will be donated to the Eastern Social Welfare Association and used for economic independence and social integration of unmarried parenting mothers. Meanwhile, Nike collaboration commemorative T-shirts and campaigns introduced through the “We Bon Like Margo” campaign will also be released later.

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  • Chance Fall and Winter 2021 Collection Revealed

    Chance Fall and Winter 2021 Collection Revealed

    2021 / 09 / 27 / 235 view

    A tribute to street culture in the 1990s.

    In the 1990s, young people turned crisis into opportunity and created a unique and unique culture that led the era to a golden age. CHAANCE presents the fall and winter collections of 2021, reinterpreting the free and rich vibe of the time. Chance, who started working with hip-hop artist YK Osiris, is establishing itself as a high-end street brand.

    Chance's Fall and Winter 2021 collection, which reinterprets patterns and fits based on the vibes of hip-hop culture in the 1990s, the birth of a new culture, and adds twist and wit, was unveiled at New York Fashion Week. Visual artist Carlos Serao's main visual theme is'Slice of life'. In a place reminiscent of a New York studio apartment, it shows a variety of culture, art, and lifestyle in everyday life that originated from street culture in the 1990s. The sub-theme'Vibe 97' was inspired by the 90's images and fashion editorials reminiscent of the set of fashion studios in New York.

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  • Castelbazak's new casual brand JCD.C

    Castelbazak's new casual brand JCD.C

    2021 / 09 / 27 / 280 view

    Outstanding pop art colors and artwork.

    The Musinsa Store will present a new brand of golf wear brand Castelbajak,'JCD.C', on its own.

    JCDC is a casual brand that reinterprets the premium heritage of Castelbazak with a pop and trendy style with youth culture sensibility. French pop artist and fashion designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac's artistic sensibility is defined as the brand slogan'Joy Culture'. PEACE), MYSELF, and four product lineups.

    JCD's 2021 SS season collection theme is'Extreme Board'. It unravels extreme sports culture such as skating and surf with various fashion items. Pop art vivid colors, bold artwork and pattern combinations, plus activity and practicality were added. It consists of a total of 36 different styles, such as sweatshirts, knitwear, and pants.

    All items in the collection newly launched by JCDC will be released through Musinsa magazine showcase contents and fashion pictorials. To commemorate the exclusive launch of the JCD C Musinsa store, a 10% discount for new products will be held until the 25th. In addition, until the 21st, a unique brand pop-up space where you can check out major products in Hongdae's “Musinsa Terrace”, a fashion culture editing space, will also be presented.


  • Arthur pays attention to deconstructivism, the spring and summer 2021 collection'Layering Time'

    Arthur pays attention to deconstructivism, the spring and summer 2021 collection'Layering Time'

    2021 / 09 / 27 / 287 view

    Tailoring reinterpreted from Arthur's perspective.

    Arthur unveiled the lookbook for the spring and summer 2021 collection, ‘Laying Time.’ The collection was filled with items containing Arthur's distinctive deconstructivist design. This point of view stands out in the pants with the bottom seam exposed, the vest with the lining exposed, and the jacket with bold cuts. In the suits and jackets, unique silhouette pleats and stitches are added to complete Arthur's own tailoring design, and the shirt line uses a pastel color palette, the main color of this season. In addition, new women's products such as dresses, skirts, and handbags have been released. Arthur's Spring and Summer 2021 collection is now available on the brand's online store.

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  • 'Daylight Matters', the first collection of Korean designer Ji Yong Kim, embodying shades with sunlight

    'Daylight Matters', the first collection of Korean designer Ji Yong Kim, embodying shades with sunlight

    2021 / 09 / 27 / 273 view

    Deep color created by the sun and wind.

    Kim Ji-yong, a newly attracting Korean designer, launched a brand named Ji Yong-kim after her and unveiled her first collection, “Daylight Matters”. After graduating from the central St Martins College of Arts and Design, a world-renowned art university, he has already designed the brand Le Mer and worked as a design assistant at Louis Vuitton, led by Virgil Abloh.

    In his graduation collection, Daylight Matters, he unveiled eight looks focused on sustainability. Paying attention to the industrial waste problem of more than 92 million tons in the fashion market every year, he chose to create new clothes by reprocessing vintage clothing and waste materials to reduce waste of resources. Not only in the material but also in the manufacturing method, the traditional square cut pattern was avoided, and the existing dyeing method, which was inevitable to waste water resources and use toxic chemicals, was replaced with a natural method.

    Ji Yong Kim's clothing made of recycled materials has undergone natural weathering in the sun while worn on a mannequin. Over the course of five months, the fabric that received sunlight turned into a unique and natural hue, and in addition, as the process of shaking in the wind and rain was repeated, the faded fabric took on a deep pattern that could not be artificially created. Ji Yong Kim's first collection, “Daylight Matters,” filled with unique colors through natural fading can be found in the gallery above. The natural processing of the actual garment can be seen below.

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  • Simon Rocha x H & M capsule collection lookbook and domestic release information expressing the beauty of plants

    Simon Rocha x H & M capsule collection lookbook and domestic release information expressing the beauty of plants

    2021 / 09 / 27 / 307 view

    There are three types of menswear, womenswear and childrenswear.

    The lookbook of the Simon Rocha x H&M capsule collection, which was released in January, was released. The collection was divided into three categories: men's wear, women's wear, and children's wear. Men's wear consists of a ready-to-wear jacket and pants, coat, a wide silhouette trench coat painted in beige color, a jacket with an adjustment strap added to the waist, a variety of graphic long sleeves and T-shirts, and a check setup in red color. It was filled with Wei's pleated skirt, a dress with botanical graphics, a blouse that looks like a gorgeous flower by layering, and a basic printed T-shirt. In children's clothing, you can see clothes tailored to suit the size of the child's body, with the characteristics of men's and women's clothing.

    The Simon Rocha x H&M capsule collection will be available for purchase in H&M online and offline stores starting March 11th. The lookbook can be found in the gallery above.

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  • Virgil Abloh's Off-White Launches New Sneaker'Out of Office'

    Virgil Abloh's Off-White Launches New Sneaker'Out of Office'

    2021 / 09 / 27 / 348 view

    Sneakers for work only?

    Virgil Abloh's off-white presents a new sneaker called'Out of Office'. The entire sneakers are finished in white color. Among the many elements of the shoe, the first thing that catches attention is the phrase “FOR WALKING,” which seems to be handwritten on the side of the upper, and an arrow-shaped layer symbolizing off-white is placed above it. The shoelace was equipped with a cable tie made in black and white color. The off-white logo in the shape of a hand is engraved on the heel cap, and the logo can also be found on the ivory-colored outsole.

    The off-white “out of office” sneakers cost 403 dollars, about 440,000 won in Korean currency, and are currently available on the Slam Jam official website.

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  • Burberry Launches'Future Archive Collection' inspired by Brand Heritage

    Burberry Launches'Future Archive Collection' inspired by Brand Heritage

    2021 / 09 / 27 / 260 view

    Burberry has launched a limited edition'Future Archive Collection' inspired by the brand's outerwear heritage. The collection includes a reinterpretation of Burberry's classic items such as diamond quilted coats, bomber and field jackets, as well as accessories such as bucket hats, backpacks and scarves. Each product with the touch of Ricardo Tisci in a classic design that reflects the brand's history is sold in limited quantities of 150, and is available for purchase on the Burberry official website and My Teresa right now.

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  • Nike Air Force 1 unveils detachable pieces of each shoe, from swoosh to upper

    Nike Air Force 1 unveils detachable pieces of each shoe, from swoosh to upper

    2021 / 09 / 27 / 262 view

    It can be easily customized with ‘taken’.

    Following the news of the launch of the dunk customization service'Dunk iD', Air Force 1, which can be customized on-the-fly by attaching and attaching each shoe layer, was released. The sneakers consist of three colorways:'black','chili red' and'fine green'. The exterior is basically'chili red', but you can attach a black leather layer and green swoosh and heel tabs on top. Each layer is designed to be easily attached to and removed from the shoe with Velcro tape. Shoelaces will be available in black and red, and the patch that can be attached to the tongue is made in a total of three designs.

    Nike Air Force Air Force 1/1 “Black/Chili Red/Fine Green” costs 15,000 yen, and about 166,000 won in Hanwha. You can check the details in the gallery above.

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